Go Beyond Traditional Tools and Services

Enterprises need to track new threats and react to them quickly. But maintaining a fast response to new threats is impossible without being able to validate the effectiveness of security programs. Picus developed an Agile SecOps methodology to help enterprises counter new threats quickly and systematically.

Know Your Next Step Towards Security

Picus Mitigations are like having an actionable to-do list which enables you to increase your security level. Proposed actions are customized for your existing infrastructure. The easy-to-apply signatures are ready for your use. Picus also ships with open source remediation know-how which can be consumed by your security technologies.

Track and Get Alarms

Picus continuously assesses security controls revealing stability and reliability problems of security devices. Sudden drops in the Security Score means that you are at risk. The reason will be an IPS is under maintenance, a power supply failure in the WAF or a recent configuration change in Proxy. Picus sends alarms for the situations where your security risk increases.

Defensive Manager
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