Picus Security is selected as a 2019 Industry Innovator by SC Media . We are honored to be, selected as a 2019 Innovator in the Analysis and Testing category by SC Media Labs.

Every year, the SC Media team honors companies who highlight the year with innovative product capabilities, completeness of vision and company culture. This year's focus was on vendors that addressed the pain points of SOC teams with integrated automation and threat prioritization and played a pivotal role in avoiding a data breach.

In its 2019 Innovators and Hall of fame ebook, SC Media quotes, ” In 2014, Picus became one of the first in the industry to adopt breach and attack simulation in an effort to understand more precisely what occurs during a network breach. The company’s simulations are risk-free, do not disrupt normal business flows and provide security teams with actionable reports that prioritize threats and improve efficiency.”

Greater Visibility & Operational Efficiency

Picus pioneered breach and attack simulation, giving organizations greater visibility into their cyber environments, helping them close gaps and harden their cyber defenses. One of the greatest strengths of Picus is its focus on optimizing costs, offering new approaches that will make security measures more efficient and give security personnel more job satisfaction.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence & Actionable Feedback

Picus has one of the most comprehensive threat databases available. Picus culls from this database to recreate attacks and test them in a risk-free manner. The tests run smoothly and organizations experience no disruption to their business operations or changes to their networks or applications during testing periods. Picus then provides actionable feedback that automatically prioritizes threats and vulnerabilities. This approach lets businesses focus resources on significant issues such as closing exploitable security gaps and hardening defenses rather than swatting at digital gnats that pose minimal risk.

Empowering Security Teams

In addition to saving money, Picus asserts that this approach also lessens the burden on cybersecurity professionals. Because the cyber environments of large enterprises can have upwards of 30 different security technologies operating independently of one another, attack surfaces can become very complex. Cooperation and the pursuit of shared goals minimize complexity and distribute workloads across more personnel. And since most organizations receive results within hours and with virtually no false positives, security analysts may take direct action immediately.

Picus BAS Platform empowers security teams with a threat intelligence-driven solution that continuously assesses the readiness level of security controls and operations, and provides both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific mitigation guidance through its technology alliance ecosystem.

You can view the SC Innovators ebook here .

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