Explore how Picus can help you to assess security controls continuously.

Key Benefits

Continuous & Real World Cyber-Threat Simulation

  • No technology dependency
  • No security vendor or version dependency
  • Works in the Production Environment
  • Functions in the most complex environments
  • Pinpoints weaknesses and strengths of your defense layers in real-time
  • Modules: HTTP/HTTPS/Endpoint/Email
Continuous Real World Cyber-Threat Simulation

Instant Security Control Metrics

  • Measure - Picus tells you security effectiveness right now including all emerging threats
  • Categorize - Picus helps you prioritize your security resources to where you need it the most
  • Monitor - Picus continually assesses your resilience to threats
  • Alarm - Picus sends alarms for the situations where your security risk increases
Instant Security Control Metrics
Detailed Analysis of Your Security Posture

Detailed Analysis of Your Security Posture

It doesn’t matter if you have a single security technology or a security stack composed of several technologies. Our black-box testing approach is independent from underlying security topology. This will enable you to reveal the effectiveness of a single system, or security posture provided by your security stack.

Industry-Leading Mitigation Suggestions

Picus mitigation suggestions are designed to deliver an actionable to-do list to increase your security level. Proposed actions are customized for existing security infrastructures. The easy-to-apply signatures are always ready for use. Picus also ships with an open source remediation know-how that can be consumed by your security technologies.

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Flexible Deployment, Easy Installation & Reports in Hours

Picus promises an off-the-shelf software solution that can be installed and configured within hours to make sure users get their results within only minutes. Its flexible architecture supports both the Picus-hosted assessment for Internet vector testing and the on-site installation for internal and cross-zone vector testing. Picus exists as a virtual appliance or as software to run on physical or virtual Linux platforms.


Use Cases

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How Does Picus Work?



Picus promises an off-the-shelf software solution that can be installed and configured in hours. After software deployment, our users get their results within only minutes.



Identify security gaps in real-time and take action in minutes with Picus mitigation guidance.

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For gaps revealed during our assessments, Picus provides vendor specific remediation signatures and creates a prioritization list.



Interactive dashboards present the overall picture with objective metrics and list the gaps revealed.