Picus recognized as a Cool Vendor 2H19 in Security and Risk Management by Gartner

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Gartner has just named Picus Security a “Cool Vendor” in Security and Risk Management 2H19. We are thrilled and honored to receive this recognition. Gartner’s report explains that “Security and risk management leaders can solve security fatigue experienced by security teams by introducing automation to minimize manual labor, to increase consistency and accuracy with a faster response. ” In recent years, organizations have been facing new cyber risks due to environmental changes, evolved attacks, and digitized business processes. Responding to threats in a timely and efficient manner continues to be one of the biggest challenges for security teams today. In this new realm, even mature organizations with dozens of sophisticated security tools and large security teams still struggle to combat threats because of complexity, lack of context and visibility.

What’s So Cool About Picus?

Picus Security offers continuous, automated security validation and mitigation guidance. Unlike vulnerability-centric, point-in-time assessments, Picus performs continuous adversary-focused, threat-centric assessments, helping organizations measure their cyber threat readiness to harden defenses for agile cyber threat responses.

We attribute Picus’ rise as a Cool Vendor and a leader in Breach and Attack Simulation to the following factors;

The Largest Attack Coverage

Picus offers a continuous attack simulation & mitigation platform with the broadest attack coverage with 8,200+ real threats (as of October 2019) and 200+ scenarios including endpoint, email, and network vectors.

The Broadest & Actionable Mitigation Coverage

Picus customers get immediate results on how defenses stack up against adversaries and take action using over 34,000+ prescriptive mitigation guidance.

Rapid Deployment, Results in Hours

New Picus customers start validating defenses and getting results in hours after a simple deployment process.

Trusted, Risk-Free & False-Positive Free:

Picus was founded in 2014 and is trusted by 100+ customers. Picus operates with proven zero risks for production environments and zero false-positives for validated attack actions, Picus also supports MITRE ATT&CK mapped endpoint attacks.

This seamless technology allows security teams to move from simple security research analysis to the dynamic capability of adapting defenses to the full attacker life cycle.

We believe that demonstrating our approach and technology is the best way to tell the Picus story. We’d love to show you what we can accomplish for your business with a short customized demo. Please contact us today to schedule a demo.


Keep up to date with latest blog posts