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Deliver Agile Threat Hunting

Use Case: Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting has become a crucial exercise as novel cyber attacks have obtained capabilities to evade defenses and hide in networks until the right moment comes to progress on the kill chain. Even though it is a crucial practice, SANS 2020 Threat Hunting Survey found that just 19% of respondents were working as full-time threat hunters at their organizations, and 75% were using staff that also fulfill other roles within the organization. Moreover, only 37% of the companies had a formal threat hunting program.

Increased data flow, missing content, difficulty in prioritization, and lack of skilled personnel are some of the reasons why Threat Hunting cannot be executed as frequently as required. Picus Breach and Attack Simulation platform enables SOC teams to overcome these challenges and use threat hunting as an integrated capability. 

The Picus platform empowers threat hunters by:

  • helping build hunting hypotheses,
  • providing threat search queries,
  • making sure no critical events are missed.

Read this technical blueprint to explore more how Picus can enable your business for achieving agile threat hunting capabilities. 

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Easy to deploy, intelligence driven and feature-rich Picus Security Control Validation Platform makes sure that SOC teams maintain a well scoped and threat-aware log base that always covers changes in adversarial landscape and technology infrastructure.

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