Use Central Log Management for Security Operations Use Cases

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Central log management is an important, but often undervalued, tool for an organization’s threat management capabilities and compliance requirements. Security and risk management leaders can benefit from the adoption of a log management tool for multiple security operations use cases.

Discover Gartner Recommendations for Security and Risk Management Leaders

  • Use a central log management capability and tool when there are budget and staff constraints, basic security monitoring requirements, and compliance-specific use cases.
  • Implement a CLM approach to expand log collection and analysis when an SIEM solution would be too expensive or complex.
  • Invest in CLM tools with efficient storage, fast search and flexible visualization to enhance the investigation and analysis of security incidents and support threat-hunting requirements.
  • Ensure that applicable factors and considerations are addressed before implementing a CLM solution.

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Gartner, Use Central Log Management for Security Operations Use Cases, 20 March 2020, Toby Bussa, Kelly Kavanagh, Mitchell Schneider.

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