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IT Operations and SecOps

Measure and maintain your security posture

Network changes and misconfigurations may threaten security readiness as much as cyber attacks do. A working security infrastructure is essential to cyber defense – you need to stay strong to stay vigilant. In modern networks, IT Security Operations need to work in tandem with SOC teams to ensure that this infrastructure can maintain appropriate capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

Build, sustain and harden the security baseline

Measuring cyber threat readiness continuously on multiple attack vectors allows SecOps teams to understand their existing capabilities and limitations, and define security baselines across their people, process, and technology resources. Utilizing the comprehensive Picus Threat Library and Threat Emulation Module helps track the quality of the security policy management, and Picus Mitigation Library empowers teams to take the most precise mitigation actions swiftly in sustaining and improving the defined baselines.

Security infrastructures are complex and continuous operation of these advanced systems must be ensured. Change control, human error, hardware failures, and software or hardware updates can cause your security score to drift. By pinpointing the sudden changes in the level of protection delivered by specific security solutions, such as intrusion detection systems, next-generation firewalls, or endpoint detection software, Picus enables SecOps operators to identify and analyze unexpected gaps and maintain security effectiveness.

Speed up Change Management

Vendors continuously update their technologies, as attackers refine their techniques. Infrastructure managers are short of the time needed to research advanced policy updates proactively. The power of automation Picus provides allows SecOps teams to speed up change management and security updates.

From the extensive network of technology alliances including Network Security vendors (Checkpoint, Cisco Systems, Citrix, F5, Forcepoint, Fortinet, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro), Endpoint Detection and Response (VMWare Carbon Black) and SIEM (IBM and Splunk), the Picus Platform provides threat-informed, diversified and laser-focused policy updates made relevant to complex security stacks. Picus supplies advanced security updates immediately, free of false positives, and related to the most advanced attack techniques and tactics through our comprehensive threat database and extensive mitigation library.

Quicker and easier POC process

Companies have finite resources to invest, and need to make conscious and sound decisions. The time and resources invested in technology Proof of Concepts need to generate returns quickly, but there are no easy decisions when your security is at stake.

By emulating threats across your network, and benchmarking the value added to your existing network, email and endpoint solutions by new technologies, Picus can accelerate technology Proof of Concept exercises and enhance their value.

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