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Offensive Security

Unleashing Human Intelligence

Maintained to encapsulate the current state of the adversarial landscape, Picus Threat Library, along with Picus Threat Emulation Module, empowers the Red team and pentest practitioners for challenging defensive capabilities with the most up to date adversarial content.

You are already halfway through if you know where to start

The most relevant cyber attack test scenario at any particular time is rarely evident. Offensive security practitioners rely on their instinct and available vulnerability information. In the absence of threat-centric assessment insight, not every scenario reveals the high risk gaps that need urgent mitigation. The Picus Platform allows offensive security teams to make decisions based on the actual cyber attack readiness status and pick the scenarios with the highest marginal value for defensive correction.

Threats as your asset

Offensive security teams need to acquire and meticulously validate the threat samples they will run, which are challenging and lengthy tasks as reliable intelligence is scarce and sophisticated threats constantly mutate. Based on Global Watch Infrastructure, Commonality Evaluation, and Imminent Threat Analysis algorithms, Picus Labs keep the largest and the most accurate threat samples library readily available.

The Jungle of Tools, Development Requirements and You

Developing multiple platforms for executing consecutively different attack scenarios requires a persistent effort in aligning the right teams, such as DevOps engineers, network architects, and system admins. This is an overwhelming task. In addition to being narrow in scope, non-commercial tools without any SLA based commitment often fall behind the current adversarial context. The Picus Platform contains all the required attacker and victim elements of thousands of different adversarial scenarios, including both network and endpoint threats, with a sleek user interface and powerful reporting.

Independence with Assurance

Keeping an adversary outlook requires offensive security practitioners to develop skills and use tools that will keep them independent from technological and network-related choices, most often made by other teams. The Picus Platform offers a full vendor agnostic, false-positive free, and categorically safe closed-loop assessment architecture. It further strengthens the red team and pentest practices by automating the testing processes for easy repeatability and providing imminent adversarial content. 

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