Use Case

Security Control Rationalization

Optimize Cybersecurity Investments with Picus Security Control Rationalization

What defines a safe and secure organisation? We’ve worked it out for you and compiled together a list of top 5 use cases of how Picus help you build a cyber-resilient organisation.

The Challenge: 

With most boardrooms now recognizing the importance of investing in cybersecurity, there is an increasing need for security leaders to demonstrate the effectiveness of their security controls, deliver continual improvements and achieve the best return from budgets.

The need to focus spending in the right areas is vital but without quantitative data, it can be easy to make bad decisions, prioritize the wrong areas, and waste money on disparate tools.

How Picus Can Help You: 

The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform enables security leaders to obtain a holistic view across their security estate by supplying continuous insights into the effectiveness of security tools to prevent, detect and respond to the latest threats. This includes metrics for individual technologies deployed as well as an overall security score. 

When weaknesses or gaps are identified, the platform helps to gauge their impact and optimize existing toolsets to address them. To facilitate swift improvements, the platform supplies easy-to-apply mitigation content, including vendor-specific prevention signatures for network controls and detection rules for SIEM and EDR solutions. 

In the event that weaknesses can’t easily be addressed by existing controls, the platform provides valuable data to guide and justify future investment decisions.