Use Case

Enhancing Detection Efficacy

Boost Detection Efficacy with Picus Enhanced Cybersecurity

What defines a safe and secure organisation? We’ve worked it out for you and compiled together a list of top 5 use cases of how Picus help you build a cyber-resilient organisation.

The Challenge: 

With cyberattacks increasing in both number and severity, Security Operations Center (SOC) teams face greater challenges detecting and responding to them. Visibility blindspots and alert fatigue are common problems, often caused by misconfigured and underutilized security controls. 

Without well deployed and continuously tuned systems, SOC teams risk failing to identify security events early enough to prevent serious breaches. 

How Picus Can Help You: 

The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform helps alleviate the pressure on SOC teams by continuously identifying security improvements and empowering offensive (red) and defensive (blue) security teams to work together more efficiently to close threat coverage and visibility gaps.

Simulating over 10,000 attacks and attack scenarios, the Picus platform identifies weaknesses and misconfigurations in Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools. This includes a failure to generate alerts and ingest the right logs and telemetry for analysis.

By automating otherwise manual and time-consuming testing processes and supplying a continuous stream of offensive security intelligence, Picus ensures that red and blue teams can devote greater time to purple teaming. This includes hunting for emerging threats, reducing false positives and optimizing processes.