Use Case

Security Posture Management

Enhance Your Cyber-Resilience with Picus Security Posture Management

What defines a safe and secure organisation? We’ve worked it out for you and compiled together a list of top 5 use cases of how Picus help you build a cyber-resilient organisation.

The Challenge: 

The rapid evolution of cyber threats continues to present huge security challenges, making it difficult for security leaders to answer critical questions such as “How secure is my organization right now?” and “Are our defenses able to protect us against the latest types of ransomware?”

An increasing attack surface, due to trends such as cloud computing, remote working, and IoT only adds to the challenge facing security teams. With a much wider area and more assets to protect, misconfiguration of infrastructure and security tools can occur any time, quickly rendering the results of annual penetration testing and red teaming exercises obsolete, and providing gaps for attackers to exploit.

How Picus Can Help You: 

The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform enables security leaders to obtain a clearer picture of their security posture by assessing and quantifying the effectiveness of security controls to prevent, detect and respond to attacks across the cyber kill chain.

Picus’ rich threat library, comprising over 10,000 attacks and attack scenarios, is updated daily to test defenses against the very latest threats.  

Unlike manual security assessments, Picus provides continuous security insights. Easily accessible reports and dashboards enable security teams to measure the performance of security tools at any point in time and see results mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a global knowledge base of adversary behaviors. Overall benefits include increased situational awareness and a better understanding of cyber risk.