After investing in well-known security solutions, are you safe from cyber-attacks?

Why do we keep reading about a new breach succeeding each week? Because maintaining a fast response to new threats is impossible without being able to validate the effectiveness of security programs.

Manage Your Security Posture

Picus provides hands-on control for executive management with detailed reports which are much loved by CISOs.

  • Track security team performance
  • Monitor the security SLA’s of your service engagements
  • Improve security investments by maintaining security system effectiveness
  • Prioritize your vulnerabilities in your defense systems
  • Use Picus attack surface metrics to plan your next security investments
  • Stay compliant, Picus also provides the visibility over your network security controls required by most major compliance and regulatory bodies like GDPR, BASEL II, ISO 27001 and PCI-Data

Maximize the ROI of your security technologies

We all know that most security technologies cannot be configured to prevent emerging threats. Although, they come with many signatures, it’s never enough and selecting proper signatures and rules is time consuming and missed in other tasks. This heavily decreases the ROI of your security technologies. With Picus, your team will be weaponized with actionable knowledge of emerging threats to address the gaps immediately. Picus mitigations will improve the ROI of your security technologies from day one.

Security Manager
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