Picus Security has been recognized as a leading vendor in Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) Market 2020

research report by Frost & Sullivan

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Picus Security, a Continuous Security Validation company that provides actionable insights to security operations with attack simulations, has been named a BAS market leader in Frost & Sullivan's "Frost Radar™: Global Breach and Attack Simulation Market, 2020 research report.

Frost Radar™ is a robust analytical tool that evaluates companies across their focus on continuous innovation and their ability to translate innovation into consistent growth. Frost & Sullivan recognized Picus as a BAS market leader as it ticks both growth and innovation boxes with its consistent growth and strong innovation trajectory. The Picus Platform stands out in the crowd in Frost Radar's innovation index as it: 

  • empowers Red Teams with an advanced attack module and an extensive threat library so that comprehensive and in-depth tests can be run,
  • enables Blue Teams with a rich feature set, automation, and mitigation content so that they become proactive defenders for continuous improvement of the detection and response capabilities, and
  • augments Purple Teaming for maximizing cyber capabilities through continuous feedback and knowledge transfer

The report also praises Picus' significant growth, strong coverage in the EMEA region, and expansion strategy to US and APAC markets. This growth is fueled by Picus' deep integrations with leading security vendors. Such alliances provide actionable mitigation recommendations and help organizations to increase the effectiveness of their security tools. Frost & Sullivan underlines "Proactive SOC", the concept offered by Picus, as a well-placed significant concept to address the unique challenges Security Operations Centers face. The full report can be accessed here.

Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Industry Analyst, Cyber Security at Frost & Sullivan mentioned that "The fast-paced digitalization we witness today requires businesses to be extremely dynamic, but adversaries have become even more so. In such an environment, businesses need better security, yet recent breaches show that blindly investing in security tools does not always deliver enhanced resilience. The key to decreasing cyber risk is evidence-based insight that can be used to plan security improvements and verify that cyber-defenses work as expected. Frost & Sullivan's research found that Picus gives security leaders the insights they need while also solving a bigger problem: insufficient security due to limited resources. Picus creates a force-multiplier effect in addressing this problem, helping red and blue teams work together, thereby enhancing the security posture of the organization.

H. Alper Memis, CEO of Picus Security stated "we as Picus Security work hard in researching new adversarial techniques and developing solutions that could assist cybersecurity teams and executives taking crucial decisions with confidence and speed. I am very proud of the Picus team and truly delighted that our commitment to making businesses run safer is recognized by a leading research firm".

About Picus Security Inc.
Picus Security offers is a simple, pervasive, continuous security validation in a box. The Picus Platform provides actionable insights to security operations with attack simulations, empowers security teams for full utilization of control technologies, accelerates mitigation processes, and helps keep a hard security baseline on changing environments free of hidden gaps.