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Become the trusted advisor your customers need

Our partners quickly gain a trusted advisor role by helping their customers build capabilities for tackling cyber threats early on and pre-empt adversarial attempts.

Team up with your customers

Evidence-based insights Picus solutions provide help partner and customer teams establish a common understanding of the issues they deal with and work as coherent teams.

Stay ahead of the competition

Picus Security consistently develops innovative solutions that significantly improve customer experience, giving our partners the edge they need to be ahead of the competition.

Why partner with Picus?

Why partner with Picus?


Value Added Resellers & System Integrators

The Picus Partner Program provides our value-added reseller and system integrator partners with the framework that facilitates doing business and helps focus on delivering value to customers.

Key benefits

  • Certification training and examinations
  • Rebates (where applicable)
  • Deal Registration
  • Joint Marketing Support and Funds

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers integrate the Picus Platform with their delivery platforms, thanks to the flexible licensing and provisioning architecture it offers.

Key benefits

  • Gain operational efficacies
  • Offer additional services
  • Ensure high-quality service delivery
  • Consistently meet SLA requirements

Security Services Providers

Providers of the time-bound red team and pen-test services utilize the automated Picus architecture to offer immediate visibility with a broader scope.

Key benefits

  • Lower the platform preparation needs
  • Lower the man-days required
  • Offer wider threat-centric scope