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Learn how to create value for customers by enhancing security offerings and leveraging the advantages of consistent validation, all while tapping into a vast market opportunity.



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Empowering MSSPs with Comprehensive Security Use Cases

Leverage the Picus Security Validation platform to create new managed services and add value to existing ones


Ransomware Resilience Checks

Validate and enhance your clients' ability to defend against the latest ransomware threats.


Proactive Health Assessments

Conduct regular security health checks to optimize your customers' defense mechanisms, ensuring they stay secure.


Effective Detection Capabilities

Deliver offensive security insights to boost customers' detection and response capabilities and help them keep pace with evolving attack techniques.


Remote Work Security Assurance

Minimize your customers' remote work security risks by evaluating endpoint and cloud security effectiveness.


CISO Expertise

Offer Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services powered by Picus data to make informed security decisions.


Technology Validation

Ensure your customers get the most from their security investments by validating various security controls, optimizing performance and efficacy.

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What Our Partners Say

By integrating with the toolsets we offer from other vendors, The Picus Platform allows us to add value to our existing security offerings and generate new recurring revenue quickly. It enables us to help our customers understand their security posture and take quick action to mitigate the risk of cyber security incidents.

Lewis Nelson
Sales Director, Askaris Cybersecurity

“We are constantly looking for new ways to provide real actionable value to our clients. We evaluated Picus in our cyber range against our best practice configurations and it showed us opportunities to improve beyond today’s best tools and practices. The Picus Platform helps us provide better security for our clients by increasing our effectiveness. Our clients who purchase Picus begin a continuous improvement journey for their cyber security and are always in a cyber-ready state."

Perry Schumacher
Chief Strategy Officer, Ridge IT

Why Partner with Us

Key Advantages of the Picus Security MSSP Program

1. Empower Your Journey: The Picus MSSP Program adopts a 'Crawl, Walk, Run' model, allowing MSSPs to lead their customers through a transformative process at their own pace.


Crawl Phase

Showcase the value of security validation by conducting occasional assessments that help clients to understand their security posture.


Walk Phase

Incrementally increase testing frequency and scope to help clients validate their against a broader range of threats.


Run Phase

Transition clients to a continuous license model to conduct security validation assessments on a frequent basis

2. Scalable Pricing for Your Growth: MSSPs benefit from a substantial discount off our list price as a recognition of their expertise and commitment. Our credit system ensures cost-effectiveness as you expand.

3. Technology Validation and Enhanced SLAs: Picus Security equips MSSPs to comprehensively validate their technology stack. Through proactive attack simulations, MSSPs can identify vulnerabilities, refine defenses, and offer robust SLAs to their clients.

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Our Technology Alliances

The Picus platform integrates with the most commonly used next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention system, web application firewall, SIEM, SOAR, XDR, and EDR technologies to help you keep your customers resilient against the latest attacks

Palo Alto
Microsoft Sentinel
Trend Micro (1)

About Picus Security

Picus Security helps security teams consistently and accurately validate their security posture. Our Security Validation Platform simulates real-world threats to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls, identify high-risk attack paths to critical assets, and optimize threat prevention and detection capabilities.

As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation, we specialize in delivering the actionable insights our customers need to be threat-centric and proactive.

Picus has been named a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner and is recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leader in the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) market.