Security Validation Platform

Quantify risk and consistently discover, validate and mitigate with real-world simulations.

Security Validation Powered
by Breach & Attack Simulation

Overcome the challenges of manual security assessments by consistently validating your security against the latest real-world threats. 
Simulate tactics and techniques across the cyber kill chain and address gaps swiftly and effectively  - no offensive security expertise required.

The Picus Security Validation Platform


Benefits of Security Validation

Validate your security inside out and outside in.
Save time by automating validation workflows.
Simulate attacks on-premises and in the cloud.
Insights for red teams and blue teams.

Consistently Discover, Validate, and Mitigate Exposures


Maximize Security

Prevent and detect the latest threats more reliably.


Identify Critical
Attack Paths

Minimize the potential 
impact of breaches.



Address coverage gaps with 
signatures and detection rules.


Discover Your
Attack Surface

Enhance visibility of the 
assets you need to protect.

Customer Stories

Best Choice for Attack Simulation

"With an expert support team, fully automated attacks, and detailed dashboards, the Picus platform is the best choice for breach and attack simulation."

Application Security and Vulnerability Management Manager, Financial Sector Organization

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Companies should embrace automated continuous testing to protect against longstanding online threats.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)


Quantify Your Cyber Risk

Get the insights you need to measure effectiveness, make critical decisions, and prove your security posture.

  • Consistently assess your prevention and detection controls.
  • Track security improvements in real-time.
  • Share evidence with stakeholders.

Reduce Threat Exposure

Get the visibility and context to focus on what matters most. 

  • Get broad and up-to-date visibility of your internal and external assets.
  • Validate based on the latest cyber threat intelligence and vulnerabilities.
  • Make prioritized security decisions.

Maximize Impact with Actionable Insights

Identify security gaps, and address them swiftly and effectively.

  • Quickly access mitigation suggestions to address policy gaps and misconfigurations.
  • Use vendor-specific rules & signatures to optimize security controls.
  • Get intelligent insights driven by AI.

Validate and Optimize Effectively

Got a question about your organization’s security posture? With Numi AI, the Picus platform’s virtual security analyst, obtain the insights you need to quickly gauge its threat readiness and make risk-based decisions.
Visualize the threat coverage provided by your security controls against MITRE ATT&CK. See the coverage provided by your SIEM and EDR rules and optimize based on the results of attack simulations.
Alleviate the strain of security engineering. Quickly address policy gaps with vendor-specific and generic signatures and detection rules for prevention and detection controls.

Keep Pace with The Latest Threats

Threats and TTPs

Hours SLA for

% Average Prevention
Score Increase in
3 Months

Validate Effectiveness Across Your Security Program


Attack Surface

Enhance visibility of internal and external cyber assets and the security risks they pose.


Cloud Security

Identify cloud misconfigurations and overly permissive identity and access management policies.


Security Control

Measure and optimize the effectiveness of security controls with consistent and accurate attack simulations.


Attack Path

Eliminate high-risk attack paths that attackers could exploit to compromise users and assets.


Detection Rule

Optimize detection efficacy by identifying performance issues affecting SIEM detection rules.

Get The Best From Your Security Stack

Optimize your controls against the latest threats.
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Picus Security Validation Platform

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Get Threat-ready

Simulate real-world cyber threats in minutes and see a holistic view of your security effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security validation reduces cyber risk by verifying that an organization’s cyber security program is effective at defending its critical assets against the latest threats. 

Without consistent validation, security teams can never be confident that security controls and processes are working as expected.

Due to the ever-changing threat landscape and IT infrastructure drift, security validation is a process that must be performed frequently.

Only by performing automated security validation can organizations obtain the insights they need to stay on top of their security posture and proactively identify and respond to risks sooner.

The Picus Security Validation Platform’s threat library is updated on a daily basis, ensuring security teams can simulate the latest threats. New emerging threats with actionable IOCs are added to the Picus Platform within 24 hours of disclosure.

The Picus Security Validation Platform is licensed as a yearly subscription, which includes access to its entire threat library and unlimited simulations. The platform is comprised of five individually licensed products that can be licensed based on the validation use cases most relevant to an organization.

The Picus platform is delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). In addition to the cloud-based deployment (available in multiple regions globally), it can also be deployed on-premises for organizations with strict regulatory requirements. For specific use cases, the Picus platform also supports fully air-gapped networks (environments w/o any connectivity to the outside world).

Yes. To meet the highest data protection and operational security standards, the Picus Platform is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.  Request a copy of our report here.