Modernize Your SOC with Breach and Attack Simulation

Today’s security teams face a devilish conundrum. They need to do more with less. 

Studies have shown that 50% of SOC teams are understaffed. This would be a sobering enough stat without constantly evolving, increasingly sophisticated threats targeting your organization 24/7. 

With more attacks to defend against and fewer resources being allocated to help, it’s no surprise that burnout rates are astronomical and first year SOC turnover rates keep rising, deepening the skills gap and adding even more risk onto an already overburdened system. 

We can help. Download our new Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) white  paper to learn how:

BAS offers a continuously updated library of attacks, including zero-day exploits within 24 hours if a PoC exists. 
Continuous and automated threat assessment relieves your SOC teams of operational burdens, training them to be more efficient and effective.
SOC professionals can enhance their careers by studying MITRE ATT&CK-mapped TTPs from APT group attack simulations.

We know it’s tough out there. Start with our new white paper, and then talk to us to see how Picus Security’s BAS technologies can help you minimize your attack surface and better respond to today’s newest, stealthiest threats.

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