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Our Founding

In 2013, Picus Security pioneered Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology and has helped companies improve their cyber resilience since then.

Established by cybersecurity veterans, Picus Security developed transformative security validation innovations for end-to-end attack readiness, visibility, and effortless mitigation to pre-empt cyber attacks across all cyber defense layers. The Picus Security Validation Platform transforms security practices by correlating, prioritizing, and validating exposures across siloed findings – so teams can focus on critical gaps and high-impact fixes. With Picus, security teams can quickly take action with one-click mitigations to stop more threats with less effort.


Early Growth and Funding

In 2013 Picus Security embarked on their journey with a vision to challenge cybersecurity norms. Recognizing that more spending doesn’t equal better security, Picus aimed to redefine effectiveness. In 2019, Gartner recognized Picus as a cool vendor, and a Series-A investment led by Earlybird solidified industry prominence.

Series B Funding

In October 2021, Picus Security secured a $27 million Series B funding round led by Turkven, with participation from Earlybird Venture Capital and Mastercard. This investment, totaling $35 million, fueled global expansion, reinforcing its position as a leader in Breach and Attack Simulation and paving the future with a new Security Validation Platform.

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Better Together

With Mastercard and Picus strategic partnership customers can easily enhance cybersecurity resilience globally. Through Mastercard's new Cyber Front platform, powered by Picus technology, organizations can strengthen their defenses and reduce the risk of evolving cyber threats.


Picus: The Guardian of the Cyber Woods

In the digital expanse of the Cyber Woods, Picus is the the Guardian Woodpecker and stands as a symbol of resilience and security against the evolving ecosystem. Utilizing ancient wisdom and precise skills, she protects our customers, seeded in the trees of the woods.  Harnessing artificial intelligence which can be used for good or evil in today’s day and age -  Picus integrates ancient algorithms to predict, adapt, and respond to evolving dangers with unprecedented agility. Her AI-enhanced abilities deploy intelligent prioritization, automated simulations, and quick mending of issues to ensure impenetrable defenses. Through innovation, Picus leads its defenders, making the Cyber Woods a secure place where data flows freely and peace flourishes.


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