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Security Control Validation for

Detection Controls

Boost Detection Efficacy
Enhance Threat Visibility
Swiftly Mitigate Gaps
Reduce False Positives


detection capabilities

Enhance Detection and Response
with The Picus Platform


visibility blindspots

Picus pinpoints attacks that are missed by your prevention and detection controls, enabling you to identify threats which could pose a serious risk if mitigating action is not taken.


attacker dwell time

So you can respond to threats earlier in the kill chain, Picus validates that the rulesets you use to optimize your controls are effective and generate prompt alerts.


swiftlier threat mitigation

To reduce the time and effort required to tune your security controls, Picus supplies thousands of vendor-specific and SIGMA-based detection rules.



Picus maps assessment results to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, enabling you to visualize threat coverage and prioritize mitigation of gaps.


threat hunting

By identifying attack techniques able to bypass your controls, Picus aids your hunt for threats that may have used similar methods and remain undetected.


false positives

Supplying correlation rules that are tested by our Labs team prior to release, Picus ensures that the detection content you use is effective and reliable.

Detection Technologies The Picus Platform validates:

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

Log Validation

Without the right data it’s impossible to identify threat activity in your networks. By simulating real-world threats and analyzing the security logs captured by your SIEM, The Picus Platform enables you to:

  • Determine in a timely fashion if logs from relevant sources are being ingested

  • Understand and prioritize new data sources required to address logging gaps

  • Ensure that logs contain the requisite level of data granularity


SIEM integrations include

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Alert Validation

In order to detect threats early and reduce attacker dwell time, it's also vital to ensure that appropriate SIEM correlation rules are in place to alert on the latest adversary behaviors. With the Picus Platform, quickly identify:

  • Missing, redundant and obsolete rulesets

  • Logged events that don't generate alerts

  • Delays between security events and alert generation
Weekly Simulation

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Telemetry, Alert and Detection Rule Validation

Detecting and responding to attacks early in the cyber kill chain also relies on rich telemetry from endpoints. To facilitate the detection of threats that target your organization's devices, the Picus Platform integrates with leading EDR solutions to:

  • Validate that the most relevant endpoint data is being captured and analyzed

  • Identify missing, redundant and obsolete rulesets and watch lists

  • Measure the time between security events and alert generation

  • Highlight behaviors that are detected but not blocked by prevention controls


EDR integrations include

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Trusted by Leading Companies

Trusted by Leading Companies

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