Achieving a Threat-Centric Approach with Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

What Is Breach and Attack Simulation? How Does It Help Organizations to Become Truly Threat-Centric?

Breach and Attack Simulation is a specialist area of cyber security that is focused on helping organizations to automate security posture assessments. By continuously validating their security controls, Breach and Attack Simulation helps organizations to become truly threat-centric by assessing their threat readiness at any time.

Furthermore, Security Control Validation (SCV) is the foremost use case of Breach and Attack Simulation and is key to helping organizations answer the essential security questions needed to become threat-centric.

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What You’ll Learn: 

Why traditional security assessments such as red teaming, pen testing, and vulnerability scanning fall short to provide a holistic view of your cyber defenses.

How a threat-centric approach empowers you to think like threat actors and assess your defenses accordingly.

The benefits of continuous security control validation in determining how secure your organization is at any given time.

Breach and Attack Simulation tool you need to become more proactive and threat-centric.

P.S. Gartner has identified Breach and Attack Simulation technology as one of the top ten security and risk management trends that leaders must address to enable rapid reinvention in their organization.

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