Switch From Post-Mortems to Pre-Mortems

Respond to incidents before they occur.

Organizations must envision likely attack vectors in order to close their cyberdefense gaps and prevent incidents before they happen. Entering the pre-mortem stage which is an early analysis of possible failures.  

In this whitepaper, Picus Security interviewed and discussed cyber security issues with a number of senior cyber security experts from across Europe in a roundtable event with the Rela8 Group.

By reading this report, you’ll discover: 

  • How continuous security validation can help you prevent attacks rather than deal with the aftermath. 
  • The importance of being proactive to achieve effective cyber security
  • How to prioritize your security response based on your unique organizational profile
  • How can the MITRE ATT&CK framework be integrated with a better sense of the technology, the people, and the processes involved?