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Be Threat-Centric.

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The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform is a Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solution that helps you to measure and strengthen cyber resilience by automatically and continuously testing the effectiveness of your prevention and detection tools.


Simulate real-world threats

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How can You Benefit from The
Most Complete Security Control Validation Platform

Test your security controls

Test your Security Controls 24/7

Picus identifies threat prevention and detection weaknesses by assessing the effectiveness of your security tools on an ongoing basis (and on-demand).

  Show the Value of your Investments

Show the Value of your Investments

Supplying real-time metrics, including an overall security score for your organization, Picus helps you to measure performance and prove value.

Validate Readiness Against the Latest Threats

Validate Readiness Against the Latest Threats

With a rich threat library, updated daily by offensive security experts, Picus tests your defenses against current and emerging attack techniques.

  Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK

Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK

Picus maps assessment results to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enabling you to visualize threat coverage and prioritize mitigation of gaps.

  Optimize Prevention and Detection Capabilities

Optimize Prevention and Detection Capabilities

To achieve optimal protection from your network and endpoint security tools, Picus supplies easy-to-apply prevention signatures and detection rules.

  Improve SOC Efficiency and Effectiveness

Improve SOC Efficiency and Effectiveness

Picus automates manual assessment and engineering processes to reduce fatigue and help your security teams work together more collaboratively.

Complete Security Control Validation Platform

Why SCV is Necessary

Bullet_Security Controls don’t perform out of the box and must be customized
Bullet_Security New threats mean that security tools can lose their effectiveness in time
Bullet_Security Infrastructure drift creates weaknesses that can go unaddressed
Bullet_Security Boards, auditors & insurers want evidence of security effectiveness

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Evaluate your Security Posture

The Types of Threats The Picus Platform can simulate includes:

Malware / Ransomware: Determine the readiness of your organization's controls to prevent the latest malware and ransomware.

Email Attacks: Validate the effectiveness of your controls to block malicious links and attachments.

Endpoint Attacks: Validate that scenario attacks from threat groups, including APTs, are prevented by endpoint security controls.

Vulnerability Exploitation Attacks: Understand how effective your security controls are at blocking local and remote code exploitation.

Web Application Attacks: Gauge if your defenses are capable of blocking code injection, denial of service and bruce force attacks.

Data Exfiltration Attacks: Assess whether your defenses can prevent the exfiltration of sensitive personal and financial information over HTTP/S.

Picus Platform

The Complete Security Control Validation Platform


Bullet_Tick An extensive, rapidly updated threat library
Bullet_Tick Vendor-specific mitigation insights
Bullet_Tick Validate prevention and detection controls
Bullet_Tick Easy to deploy, use and manage

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Even though we always used pen-test and some other assessment practices, none of them gave us the depth and width we needed to understand our posture against the possible attack scenarios extensively. The Picus platform was a game changer.


IT Platform Security Expert Lead, ING Bank