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Cloud Security Validation 

Secure your workloads in Google Cloud Platform with automated 
cloud assessment and attack simulation.




Challenges of Google Cloud Security 

To ensure that your workloads in Google Cloud Platform are secure, it’s vital to assess your environment regularly. Failure to follow Google’s Shared Responsibility Model and proactively identify cloud misconfigurations can easily lead to cloud breaches.

Google cloud misconfigurations that can lead to incidents include:

Misconfigured IAM policies           Unrestricted access to resources           Insecure data storage

How Picus Help You to Secure GCP

Picus Cloud Security Validation (CSV) helps you to stay on top of cloud security posture management by identifying the two primary causes of data breaches in Google cloud: cloud misconfigurations and overly permissive IAM policies. 


Google cloud auditing

Picus CSV scans core GCP services to identify critical cloud misconfigurations attackers could exploit. These include excessive privileges, exposed resources, and cryptographic failures.


Google cloud attack simulation

By simulating privilege escalation scenarios, Picus CSV identifies overly permissive identity and access management (IAM) policies that could enable attackers to compromise GCP cloud services and steal data.

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Be Cloud Confident With Security
Validation For Google Cloud

Cloud transformation, the increasing complexity of cloud environments, and human error, create security gaps that can be exploited by attackers to compromise your cloud security.

Picus Cloud Security Validation not only helps to stay on top of cloud security risks by automating cloud security posture management. With Google Cloud attack simulation, it also provides additional assurance that your cloud-native controls are configured optimally to minimize the impact of cloud breaches.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Cloud Security?


Google Cloud security is the protection of GCP cloud infrastructure, services and data against cyber attacks.

Are Cloud Cloud Attack Simulations Safe to Perform?


Picus Cloud Security Validation safely executes attack scenarios in a local policy simulator. This approach ensures that there is no impact on your cloud operations.

How Regularly Should Google Cloud Security Audits be Performed?


To keep pace with the rate of change in GCP, Picus recommends cloud security teams should perform weekly Google Cloud audits.  Audits should also be performed following infrastructure changes, such as the deployment of new cloud services.