Maximize Your Threat Response with Picus ServiceNow Integration

The Red Report 2024

The Top 10 MITRE ATT&CK Techniques Used by Adversaries


Our team is proud to announce our latest integration with ServiceNow workflows - enabling security teams and IT departments to create incidents instantly, minimize downtime through quick notifications, and increase visibility into SLAs.

As cyber threats continue to increase in both frequency and complexity, the only way up protect their business and customers is through continuous validation! For instance, the Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon shows that 68% of breaches took months or longer to discover, and 87% of breaches could have been prevented if security controls had been in place and properly configured.

This is where Picus Security comes in - facilitating cybersecurity teams to simulate real-world threats to identify threat prevention and detection gaps, supply actionable mitigation recommendations, and facilitate a more proactive and threat-centric approach to security.

Our latest ServiceNow integration significantly boosts our platform capabilities through:

Efficient incident management: Instant incident creation and notification to reduce response times and downtime, enabling prioritization and timely resolution.

Enhanced SLA visibility: The solution provides increased visibility into SLA compliance, ensuring effective threat response and maintaining stakeholder compliance.

Improved incident response: By helping to bridge IT and security operations, organizations can respond more effectively to potential breaches, reducing financial and reputational risks.

The Picus Security and ServiceNow integration is a significant milestone for cybersecurity teams, allowing faster and more effective responses to potential threats. With ServiceNow, our team can enhance incident management, SLA visibility, and threat response - allowing us to protect your businesses and customers as quickly as possible!