The Complete Active Directory Security Handbook

Exploitation, Detection, and Mitigation Strategies

The Complete Active
Directory Security Handbook

In today's digital landscape, understanding Active Directory (AD) security is more important than ever. As the identity infrastructure for 90% of Fortune 1000 companies, AD plays a critical role in managing access to resources and ensuring smooth operations. However, its widespread adoption and inherent architectural limitations make it a prime target for adversaries aiming to launch devastating attacks.

To help you address this challenge, Picus Security has recently released a comprehensive e-book tailored to your needs.

The attacks that are covered in the e-book are:

Pass-the-Hash & Pass-the-Ticket Attacks
Golden Ticket Attack
DCShadow Attack
AS-REP Roasting
LDAP Injection Attack
PetitPotam - NTLM Relay Attack on AD CS