Automate Detection Engineering: How to Streamline SOC Operations and Amplify Threat Coverage

This webinar will shed light on the urgency of expanding the threat detection scope and the strategies that SOC teams can employ to achieve this with reduced effort. Attendees will gain insights in how they can enhance their existing SIEM investments to optimize their overall detection efficacy. They will also discover how automation helps to streamline detection engineering processes to alleviate the burden on security teams, allowing them to free up time for strategic initiatives.

You will discover:

Why “Assuming Breach” is The New Normal: A comprehensive understanding of how the realm of threat coverage has transformed and practical strategies to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.
Operational Excellence: Concrete methods to improve efficiency in your existing Detection Engineering processes to maximize threat coverage while reducing operational overheads and false positives.
Integrated Approach: How you can leverage modern AI technology to automate your existing tools and processes and strengthen your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.

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Silvan Tschopp VP of Product Marketing PICUS
Critt Golden Head of Solution Architects PICUS