Continuous Threat Exposure Management:
How to Navigate Cybersecurity Tradeoffs

Cybersecurity never stops. There are always new vulnerabilities to patch, controls to manage and maintain, and alerts to investigate and respond to. Join this latest webinar from Picus Security to learn how Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) can help organizations cut through the noise and make more effective decisions about where to prioritize precious time and resources.

You will discover:

Four ‘impossible’ security tradeoffs highlighted by The Picus Blue Report, a study of over 14 million attack simulations. 

How CTEM can help you break out of silos to obtain a more holistic view of your security program and increase impact for effort.

Why security validation is an essential component of an exposure management program.

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Oliver Rochford Chief Futurist TENZIR
Critt Golden Head of Solution Architects PICUS
Simon Monahan Product Marketing Lead PICUS