Enhance Your Detection Coverage With Real-world Attack Simulations

Tomorrow’s threats will certainly be different from what we are used to defending against today. As such, we can’t continue doing the same and expect different outcomes. Highlighting the latest advancements in leveraging attack simulations, we’ll offer attendees a unique viewpoint on how these practices identify prevention and detection gaps and help increase the robustness of security controls in place. 

You will discover:

 The Science Behind Attack Simulation: Understand the underlying principles and technologies that power modern attack simulations and how they replicate real-world threats to test the robustness of security controls.

Practical Insights on SIEM Validation: Learn hands-on techniques and best practices to validate the effectiveness of SIEM systems, ensuring they are responsive and attuned to the latest threat actors.

Strategies to Enhance Detection Posture: Walk away with actionable strategies to strengthen detection capabilities, minimize false positives, and enhance the overall security posture of your organization.

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eric bang
Eric Bang Senior Solutions Architect PICUS
Silvan Tschopp VP of Product Marketing PICUS