Lateral Movement Attacks: Silent, Persistent Destructive

This webinar addresses the critical nature of lateral movement attacks in cybersecurity. We will explore how these techniques are employed by adversaries to penetrate deeper into networks, highlighting the importance of understanding and identifying such tactics for enhanced security measures. The session will also explain the need for robust internal asset defense, placing it on par with perimeter security in cybersecurity strategy. The proactive approach in identifying and mitigating potential attack paths is critical to this discussion, offering attendees practical insights into preemptive defense.

You will discover:

Understanding Lateral Movement Techniques: Learn the critical role of lateral movement in cyber threats, including how attackers navigate networks to access sensitive data.

Emphasis on Internal Asset Defense: Discover key strategies for protecting internal networks and assets, underscoring the importance of robust internal defenses in cybersecurity.

Proactive Attack Path Mitigation: Explore proactive methods to identify and mitigate potential attack paths, highlighting the significance of anticipating and neutralizing threats before exploitation.

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