Maximize Security, Minimize Effort with AI

In this webinar, we heard from proven experts in Blue Teaming and Data Science about how the latest enhancements of GenAI can significantly impact how security teams address these issues. They shared their insights on which daily challenges can be automated and where human expertise remains crucial.

We also discussed the specific requirements of the available data and the privacy concerns that arise when implementing modern AI on cybersecurity data points.

You will discover:

How GenAI can effectively increase the productivity and effectiveness of security operations.

The current limitations of AI and why humans are not becoming obsolete in the workforce anytime soon.

The critical data points necessary for effective security findings. How Picus is using AI to enhance outcomes for security teams.

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Ertugrul Yaprak Data Team Lead Picus
Simon Monahan Product Marketing Lead Picus
Oliver Rochford Industry Analyst
Nurdogan Ciki Blue Team Director Picus