Empower Your Security with Picus Platform and Trellix Integrations


The Picus Platform seamlessly integrates with Trellix IPS, empowering security teams to transition from basic security research to dynamic defense adaptation throughout the entire attacker life cycle. Picus components mimic both attacker and victim roles, orchestrating intricate attack scenarios through Trellix Network Security Platform products. Importantly, Picus assessments exclusively impact Picus peers within the network, guaranteeing a risk-free experience.

Furthermore, Picus has joined forces with Trellix, integrating with Trellix ESM to provide organizations with a dynamic, unified approach to cybersecurity. This integration enables proactive identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities while optimizing security operations for unparalleled cyber resilience.

Moreover, Picus has expanded its integrations to include Trellix HX EDR, delivering a comprehensive validation platform for Trellix HX EDR users to assess and optimize their security controls effectively. Through real-world cyber threat simulations and advanced detection analytics, the Picus Platform ensures that EDR detection rules are finely tuned to identify the latest threats.



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Increase the efficiency of your Trellix IPS.

✔ Validate the effectiveness of your Trellix IPS against the techniques used by today's adversaries by simulating thousands of real-world threats such as APT Campaigns, Exploit Kits, Vulnerability Exploitation, Web application and Endpoint attacks.

✔ Gain maximum ROI of your Trellix IPS, and immediately eliminate your risk with precise and timely utilization of Trellix signatures.

✔ Maximize your security posture and make better informed decisions with the provided mitigation context by Picus.

✔ Enhance your performance visibility with shorter detection, and response times to emerging threats, and false positives reduction using the adversary’s perspective.






Empower your cyber resilience with Picus x Trellix ESM integration

✔ Improve security with validated alerts based on MITRE ATT&CK.

✔ Swiftly respond to threats, reducing false positives.

✔Proactively bolster defenses against evolving threats.

✔ Gain a holistic view of security for data-driven decisions.

✔ Optimize time and resources for risks.




Maximize the value of your Trellix HX to enhance your threat detection and response capabilities

✔ Identify detection gaps before real attacks occur, ensuring preparedness against emerging threats.

✔ Establish and maintain an effective detection baseline by continuously assessing and optimizing security controls.

✔ Minimize alert noise and false positives, enabling faster threat detection and response.

✔ Map attack scenario emulations to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for actionable metrics on defense success.

✔ Enable proactive threat hunting capabilities to identify and mitigate threats swiftly.

✔ Benefit from advanced usability, filtering, and reporting features, saving time and streamlining security operations.



Picus offers a gateway to the most accurate,
environment-specific, and easy to apply mitigation content by its technology alliances