Threat Detection Doesn’t Have to Mean Tireless Firefighting

The Red Report 2023

The Top 10 MITRE ATT&CK Techniques Used by Adversaries


Are you tired of constantly firefighting and struggling to keep up with emerging threats? Look no further. Picus Security is here to empower your SOC team to elevate your threat detection capabilities.

Much like the courageous firefighters who bravely confront and extinguish raging infernos, your SOC team faces a parallel mission. They too must bravely confront and quell the ever-growing threat landscape. With new threats constantly emerging, your SOC team must be ever-vigilant, ready to respond swiftly and effectively to protect your organization. 

But just as modern fire departments have evolved to use advanced technologies, techniques and resources to combat fires more efficiently, Picus equips your SOC team with a cutting-edge solution.

No longer is your SOC team trapped in a reactionary cycle, tirelessly firefighting to mitigate damage to your network. Instead, they'll be armed with the knowledge and tools they need to detect and mitigate threats before they become burning issues.

Welcome to a new era of proactive threat detection. 

With Picus Detection Rule Validation (DRV), our proactive solution, you can:

Say goodbye to false positives burying critical security events. Picus DRV continuously validates and measures the effectiveness of your detection rules, ensuring that important alerts receive the attention they deserve. By weeding out false positives, and instead highlighting emerging threats, Picus empowers your security analysts to focus their efforts on important risks, boosting overall efficiency and fortifying your organization's defenses.

Gain insights into real-world threats that matter to your organization and identify security events that may have slipped through your existing security controls. Comprehensive visibility empowers your SOC team to detect emerging threats, understand the effectiveness of your existing controls, and gain a precise understanding of your organization's overall security resilience.

Conquer time and resource constraints by streamlining your rule validation process, automating your assessment of existing and new rules to eliminate redundant, obsolete, or incomplete ones. Picus DRV integrates with the Picus Detection Content Library, a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use detection rules that you can effortlessly implement to accelerate the identification of critical security gaps, and map your rules to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. 

With Picus DRV, your team can put out fires before they start and instead focus their efforts on proactively fortifying your defenses against potential threats.

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