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Welcome to our essential guide for RSA Conference 2024, the premier gathering in cybersecurity, set to unfold at the Moscone Center from May 6-9. Picus Security is an exhibitor at the event, and this piece was written with the purpose of demystifying the event and offering you a compass to navigate its extensive offerings.

RSA Conference 2024 Preview

San Francisco’s Moscone Center is the stage for RSA 2024, where the global cybersecurity community converges under the banner of "The Art of Possible." This theme champions a shift from conventional tactics, advocating for innovation and collective effort in tackling security threats. Attendees can expect a vibrant mix of keynotes, panels, and sessions aimed at sparking innovation and facilitating meaningful connections.

Why Attend?

RSA 2024 is more than an event; it's a vital connection for insights from industry leaders and opportunities for networking. It's a chance to deepen your understanding, enhance your skill set, and connect with peers facing similar challenges. The event’s diverse programming promises something for every attendee, from technical deep dives to strategic overviews.

The Art of Possible: Embracing the 2024 Theme

This year’s theme is a call to action to explore the boundaries of cybersecurity. It invites us to transcend traditional methods and consider the power of creativity and collaboration. Let this theme be your guide as you select sessions, encouraging you to engage with content that challenges the status quo and fosters innovation.

Exploring Passes & Rates

Choosing the right pass is the first step in your RSA journey. Whether you seek full conference immersion or access to the expo hall, there's a pass for you. Early registration offers benefits, so consider securing your spot soon.

  • Full Conference Pass: This all-access pass includes keynotes, track sessions, interactive labs, and networking events.

  • Expo Pass: Ideal for exploring the latest in cybersecurity products, this pass grants access to the expo hall.

Be sure to review pass options on the RSA Conference website to optimize your experience.

Reflecting on RSA Conference 2023: Lessons and Highlights

RSA 2023 focused on AI, cyber risk, and solution consolidation, setting a record with over 2400 session submissions. Key takeaways include:

  • AI's prominence: AI was a buzzword across sessions, underlining its growing role in cybersecurity solutions and the need for secure AI/ML systems.

  • Cyber risk as a business concern: The conference underscored cybersecurity's shift towards managing business risk, reflecting increased board-level engagement.

  • The trend towards solution consolidation: Economic uncertainties and operational challenges are driving a move towards integrated cybersecurity solutions.

These themes enriched the dialogue at RSA 2023 and paved the way for ongoing discussions at RSA 2024.

Why Visit Picus Security at Booth 5678 at North Expo?

As RSA 2024 embraces "The Art of Possible," Picus Security stands at the intersection of this year’s theme with solutions that quantify cyber risk, reduce threat exposure, and amplify team efforts through GenAI-powered security validation. We invite you to:

  • Quantify Cyber Risk: Get clear insights into your cybersecurity posture.

  • Reduce Threat Exposure: Validate your defenses against evolving threats.

  • Amplify Team Efforts: Achieve more security impact with less manual effort.

Join us at Booth 5678 to see how our security validation platform can shape your cybersecurity strategy. Schedule a meeting on our RSA landing page, or visit us directly to learn more.


RSA Conference 2024 promises to be an enlightening convergence of minds in the cybersecurity world. It's an invaluable opportunity to explore the "Art of Possible" in cybersecurity, offering a learning, networking, and discovery platform. We look forward to seeing you there, and we are ready to dive into the future of cybersecurity together.

See you at the RSA Conference 2024! 👋