Picus Security Introduces Picus Numi AI, Transforming Security Prioritization with Contextual Insights

GenAI-powered virtual security analyst makes tailored security validation insights easily accessible to security teams.

San Francisco, April 3, 2024 - Picus Security, the Security Validation company, today announced Picus Numi AI. As the latest innovation of the Picus Security Validation Platform, this generative AI security analyst empowers any member of a security team to access critical, up-to-date information about their security posture to make purposeful risk-based decisions. Through simple natural language queries, users can instantly review the findings of security validation assessments and get tailored recommendations to prioritize and address exposures.

As highlighted by the Picus Blue Report 2023, security teams are constantly navigating ‘impossible tradeoffs’ to enhance resilience. This includes determining which types of attacks to optimize defenses against. With the introduction of Picus Numi AI, organizations can use the transformative power of GenAI to determine where to focus their attention for maximum impact, freeing up time and resources by automating manual processes.

Picus Numi AI operates on the Picus Exposure Graph, a purpose-built knowledge graph consisting of more than 70 billion relationships between attack simulation results, mitigation actions, threat actors, malware, vulnerabilities and other exposures. Based on this data, Numi crafts tailored responses to critical questions such as, “Which threat actors relevant to my industry were most active in the past month?”, “Can we prevent and detect attacks by these specific threat actors?” and “What mitigation actions should I take next to improve my security posture?”

"At Picus, we're focused on helping organizations get more security with less effort and ultimately reduce their threat exposure with AI-driven insights from the Picus Security Validation Platform," said Volkan Ertürk, Picus Security Co-founder and CTO. 

"With the introduction of Numi, we continue to harness the power of GenAI which is a foundation of our platform. Next we will work towards several novel AI-driven use cases to advance capabilities for our customers. This includes identifying AI-based attack scenarios based on exposure paths, enabling automated risk mitigation, and delivering predictive security analytics,” said Ertürk.

How GenAI powers the Picus Security Validation Platform:

  • Picus Numi AI: provides security teams with easy access to up-to-date information about their organization’s security posture and recommends ways to enhance resilience against the latest threats.

  • AI-driven Threat Profiling: curates cyber threat intelligence from hundreds of data sources to deliver up-to-date information about threats and guide security validation activities based on industry, geography, and other factors.

  • AI-based MITRE ATT&CK Mapping: enables users to visualize the detection coverage provided by SIEM tools by automatically mapping detection rules to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and supplying AI-based technique suggestions for unmapped rules. 

"Regardless of their size, all security teams struggle to determine which threats to prioritize mitigating against," said Alper Memis, Picus Security Co-founder and CEO. "With Numi, we’re making it even easier for our customers to validate their security and get the insights they need to address the risks that matter most to them.”  


Picus Numi AI is now in beta and will be generally available to customers in May. 

Additional Information

About Picus Security

Picus Security helps security teams consistently and accurately validate their security posture. Our Security Validation Platform simulates real-world threats to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls, identify high-risk attack paths to critical assets, and optimize threat prevention and detection capabilities.

Picus is a Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for 2024 in the BAS tools category*. The company is recognized as a leader by Frost & Sullivan^.

As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation, we specialize in delivering the actionable insights our customers need to be threat-centric and proactive. 

* Gartner, Voice of the Customer for Breach and Attack Simulation Tools, Peer Contributors, 30 January 2024 

 ^Frost and Sullivan, 2022 Frost Radar™ report for the Global Breach and Attack Simulation Market