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Breach and Attack Simulation: A Novel Cyber-Security Validation Approach

Time To Rethink Validation To Empower Security Teams

Achieving threat readiness visibility is a key capability in today’s environment for every organization to acquire. To be able to keep up with the changing threat and organizational landscapes, security teams need to see their world from the adversary’s perspective.

In the last couple of years, the threat-centric approach is transforming the validation market. While all validation frameworks have their strengths and weaknesses, the deciding factor on which validation framework will provide the optimum result depends entirely on each organization’s unique needs.

Download the Breach and Attack Simulation: A Novel Cybersecurity Validation Approach whitepaper to discover how a threat-centric validation approach can help organizations keep up with todays’ sophisticated attack landscape.

What you will learn:

  • Analysis of Different Security Validation Approaches
  • How automation can empower practices such as pentest and red teaming
  • Threat-Centric Validation Approach and Why It’s Important