How lifecell Leverages The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform to Safeguard Ukraine's Telecommunications Landscape

Discover How lifecell Empowers Proactive Security with Picus to Safeguard Ukraine's Telecom Landscape

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lifecell, a leading Ukrainian telecom operator, strengthens security measures amid escalating threats during the country's war

lifecell, a leading Ukrainian telecommunications operator, is committed to delivering exceptional services to its customers. Recognizing the importance of information security and the escalating threat landscape in the wake of war in the country, the company  embarked on a mission to enhance its security measures. 

With over 8 million people relying on lifecell's services, the potential consequences of a cyberattack could be substantial, impacting its ability to provide uninterrupted services. As a result, lifecell wanted to ensure it was able to  protect the sensitive data entrusted to them and sought a solution that would fortify their security posture. 

This case study showcases how lifecell overcame these challenges by leveraging The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform to measure and validate the effectiveness of its security controls against the latest cyber threats.

The Challenges

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Safeguarding a Distributed Workforce Amidst War and Employee Relocations

lifecell faced a unique set of challenges due to the critical situation prevailing in Ukraine. Due to the war situation, the company experienced a significant increase in attacks and other malicious activities. Furthermore, the circumstances forced many employees to relocate abroad, resulting in a drastically changed landscape for lifecell. As a result, protecting its distributed workforce became a critical priority. 

With a reduced team size and the evolving security landscape, lifecell sought a solution to help reduce the effort required to validate and  optimize the effectiveness of its existing security controls  They also aimed to be more proactive by identifying and mitigating threats as early as possible. 

Stanislav Klevtsov
Information Security Engineer | lifecell

"In a challenging environment with a war situation and employee relocations, protecting our internal workforce became critical. Picus Security provided the solution to optimize our workload and address increased security risks effectively."

The Solutions

Picus Platform Revolutionizes Lifecell's Security Operations, Empowering Proactive Defense Against Real-World Cyber Threats

In response to their multifaceted challenges and the critical situation in Ukraine, lifecell actively sought a security validation solution that would provide it with the real-time insights it needed to keep its network security controls optimized and minimize the manual effort required to do so. Recognizing the need to shift from reactive to proactive security measures, lifecell chose The Picus Platform as their ideal solution.

"We recognized the demand for a solution that would enable us to proactively manage our security operations and optimize our workload. The Picus Platform emerged as an ideal choice, offering the capabilities we needed to address our security challenges effectively."

Implementing The Picus Platform introduced a new dimension to lifecell's security expertise. Previously reliant on reactive security controls, lifecell could now take a proactive stance. By simulating thousands of real-world cyber threats, The Picus Platform enables the company’s security team to quickly test its firewalls, web application firewalls and endpoint security controls against the latest threats. 

"Thanks to the Picus Platform, we do not wait for something to happen. We are proactive and can check beforehand to ensure threats are not affecting us." 

The automation capabilities of the Picus Platform have significantly reduced the time it takes to perform security validation. By automating security tasks, lifecell reduced its dependency on manual processes. 

"The Picus Platform has helped us optimize our workload by automating security tasks, allowing our team to concentrate on more strategic security endeavors." 

Another valuable aspect of The Picus Platform is its ability to identify security control gaps not currently supported by vendors.  In such cases, it is able to raise requests with individual vendors to ensure that any missing mitigating signatures are promptly released. 

"One of the web application attacks provided by Picus triggered the failover of our web application firewall. Thanks to Picus tests, we found it out and we were able to contact the vendor and provide them with the necessary information about this threat." 

The Result


Shift from Reactive to Proactive Security
By leveraging the proactive threat simulation  capabilities of The Picus Platform, lifecell transitioned from a reactive security approach to a proactive one. This shift empowers them to test their controls against the latest threats as soon as they emerge, allowing for swifter mitigation and reducing the likelihood of security incidents.



Workload Optimization
The Picus Platform's automation capabilities have transformed lifecell's security operations, serving as a force multiplier for their small security team. With limited resources, lifecell struggled to allocate enough time for manual validation and optimization of its security controls. 

Following the implementation of The Picus Platform, lifecell has been able to continuously strengthen its defenses, eliminating the need for constant manual assessments. The platform significantly reduced the time required for security tasks, enabling the team to prioritize high-priority strategic security initiatives.



Enhanced Threat Readiness
Lifecell highly values The Picus Platform's exceptional threat coverage and up-to-date threat library. Regular platform updates ensure lifecell remains at the forefront of security practices, consistently adapting to emerging threats.



Vendor Collaboration and Issue Resolution
The Picus Platform's comprehensive testing capabilities played a crucial role in identifying coverage gaps unsupported by security control vendors. This enabled lifecell to promptly notify vendors, provide detailed information about the threats, and work together to address the issues effectively.



Assurance and Quantifiable Security
With the Picus Platform, lifecell gains a high level of assurance that ITS security controls are functioning as expected. By conducting simulations and assessments, lifecell can validate the effectiveness of its security measures and ensure they are adequately protecting their systems and data. The platform provides concrete evidence and quantifiable metrics that demonstrate the robustness of their security posture. Furthermore, the results of these simulations can be easily shared with stakeholders through weekly and monthly reports. This transparency allows lifecell to demonstrate the ongoing effectiveness of its security measures, provide visibility into the security landscape, and foster trust among stakeholders, including customers, partners, and regulators.



Lifecell recognizes the importance of its compliance with the latest regulations and standards in the telecommunications industry. With the Picus Platform, lifecell can ensure the ongoing effectiveness of its security controls, a crucial aspect of maintaining compliance. The platform's continuous monitoring and validation capabilities enable lifecell to assess its security posture against industry best practices and regulatory requirements. By regularly evaluating and optimizing their controls, lifecell can demonstrate its commitment to meeting compliance obligations, protecting sensitive data, and maintaining the trust of customers and regulators.

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