Safeguarding Pharmaceutical Operations: How Amoun Leverages The Picus Platform for Proactive Security

Advancing Pharmaceutical Security: Proactive Measures and Enhanced Visibility in the Industry

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Securing Success in Pharmaceuticals: Amoun's Case Study with The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform

Amoun Pharmaceutical Company S.A.E. is a leading Egyptian developer, manufacturer distributor and exporter of human pharmaceutical and animal health products. With a large  product portfolio and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Amoun is committed to ensuring the security of its operations and valuable intellectual property. This case study highlights how Amoun overcomes security challenges and optimizes its security controls by leveraging The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform.

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Amoun's Journey to Strengthen Information Security: Addressing Unique Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Amoun recognizes the importance of information security. Having experienced cybersecurity incidents in the past, the company wanted to enhance its security controls and processes to obtain greater assurance that its critical systems are protected. Additionally, as a pharmaceutical industry player, Amoun faces unique security challenges related to its use of IoT devices and specialist equipment and the processing and storage of sensitive data. 

Mr. Rabie Nasser, VP Business Technology & Management System at Amoun Pharma, emphasizes the potential impact of a security breach on the company’s operations:

"Securing our pharmaceutical operations is crucial to avoid operational disruptions and protect our valuable intellectual property. As we handle sensitive data and rely on specialist equipment, we needed a solution that could effectively address our security concerns. Picus Security emerged as the ideal choice, empowering us to enhance our security posture and mitigate potential risks."

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Amoun Empowers Cybersecurity with The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform: Enhancing Visibility and Proactive Management

Amoun sought a solution capable of helping the company’s security team to understand the effectiveness of its existing network security controls and reduce the manual effort required to optimize them against the latest threats. The company implemented The Picus Complete Security Validation Platform to address these needs. 

By leveraging The Picus Platform’s ability to simulate real-world threats automatically and continuously, Amoun is able to increase visibility into the performance of its security controls and obtain insights to address gaps quickly and effectively. 

"We choose The Picus Platform to proactively manage our security controls and reduce the manual effort involved in maintaining them. The platform offers better visibility into our security posture and enables us to make informed decisions."  - says Mohamed Kishk


Proactive Security: By leveraging The Picus Platform, Amoun has been able to transition from a reactive to a proactive approach to security. The platform's extensive library of real-world threats allows the company to test its defenses against the latest attack techniques and take swift action to mitigate gaps before they can be exploited by attackers..

"With The Picus Platform, we have shifted from a reactive to a proactive security approach, enabling us to stay ahead of emerging threats and mitigate risks in real-time."  says Mohamed Kishk 

Enhanced Security Posture: Amoun has observed a notable increase in the security scores The Picus Platform generates to measure the effectiveness of the company’s security controls. By simulating threats on a regular basis and leveraging the mitigation insights provided by the platform, the company has improved its ability to block attacks.

"Since implementing The Picus Platform, we have witnessed a 23% increase in our prevention security score. This improvement reflects our strengthened security posture and our ability to protect critical assets."  - says Mohamed Kishk 

Greater Operational Resilience: By identifying and addressing potential security gaps, Amoun Pharma has enhanced its cyber resilience against ransomware and other high priority threats. 

Demonstrating Security Effectiveness: The Picus Platform provides Amoun with comprehensive reports and evidence of security controls' effectiveness, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The company can demonstrate its commitment to data security to stakeholders, increasing trust and mitigating potential business risks.

"As the Information Security Manager, I rely on The Picus Platform to provide comprehensive reports and evidence of our security controls' effectiveness. It enables me to deliver impactful updates to upper management, showcasing our commitment to data security and fostering trust among stakeholders."  - says Mohamed Kishk

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